Accelerated Reading Information (2018-2019)

Jenkins Middle School participates in the Accelerated Reader program. This system of incentives and assessments helps a student to improve his or her reading skills and is designed to offer students a wide choice among fiction and non-fiction books. We currently have access to all AR quizzes, a total of over 150,000.

Our online card catalog, which is accessible from the Library Media Center (LMC) and the online site which is accessible from any computer with internet access, identifies any book found as an AR book and gives the reading level and point value.

If the book is not part of the AR program, it has no identifying information in the entry. If a student wishes to search through AR books only, there is a search option in our card catalog.

Students are expected to earn the following number of AR points for each nine weeks based on their ELA (English Language Arts) class enrollment.  Regular classes and those in Intensive reading classes are required to earn 10 points and those in Advanced ELA classes will be required to earn 20.  This grade could count as much as 20% of the overall grade in some classes, like 8th Grade Advanced ELA.

Regular ELA or Intensive Reading – 10 points per nine weeks
Advanced ELA – 20 points per nine weeks

These points count for a grade in each student’s Language Arts class.

Parents can monitor their child’s progress by using AR Home Connect.  Use this link and sign in using your child’s username and password.  It’s the same one they are assigned for logins on computers in Putnam County.