JMS Library Media Center Expectations & Procedures

EXPECTATIONS: While in the media center, the students will:
  • Be respectful to all library media center users and assistants.
  • Make a point to not disturb any classes in the library during their visit.
  • Use the Book Markers in order to accurately reshelve books after viewing
  • Clean their work area and push in their chairs before leaving the media center.
  • Handle all materials and equipment with care.
  • Refrain from chewing gum, eating, and drinking without permission from Mrs. Gastelum.
  • Follow all school rules including those regarding computer use.
COMPUTER USE: In order to use any computers at JMS, a student must have a signed copy of the “Acceptable Use Policy” on file. Signing this document signifies that the student and parents understand the rules governing computer and internet use in the Putnam County school system and agree to abide by them. Student will receive a copy of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy from their homeroom teacher. Students not following the rules will be banned from computer usage. Changing any computer settings will result in automatic dean’s office referral.
CHECK OUT PROCEDURES: Students must bring a planner or ID card with them in order to check out books. This is for their own protection to keep students from checking out books under other students’ names.

Students may check out one item at a time. All fiction and nonfiction books may be borrowed and renewed for a loan period of 15 school days. Some reference books  may be borrowed on an overnight basis. Magazines do not circulate.  Magazines are given away at the end of each month.  Please see Mrs. G if you would like her to save a magazine for you.

Students who have an overdue item and/or owe a fine will have to wait until the item is returned and the fine paid before taking out another item. The media center staff will hold the item for two days in reserve for the student.

Overdue notices are sent to first period teachers at least once a month. Student may also check their accounts online through the Destiny using the same username and credentials used for Skyward. If a student owes materials to the media center, his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) may be notified by mail.

Students are responsible for all items that they check out. If they damage or lose the items, they will be obligated to pay for those items. All fines or fees must be paid before they leave for summer break.
ACCELERATED READING: Jenkins Middle School participates in the Accelerated Reading program. This system of incentives and assessments helps a student to improve his or her reading skills and is designed to offer students a wide choice of books among fiction and non-fiction. Our card catalog, which is accessible from any computer with online access and our AR Program which is accessible from any school computer, identifies any book found as an AR book and gives the reading level and point value. If the book is not part of the AR program, it has no identifying AR information in the entry.

Students are only allowed to take tests on books which they’ve read within a reasonable time frame such as over the summer or during the same school year as when the test is taken.  Anything read during the summer MUST be tested on by the end of August.

Students MAY NOT take tests on books read in previous years, nor may they take tests on books they have not read.  This includes taking tests on movies.  Students may not take tests for other students or solicit their peers to take tests for them.

Students breaking these rules will receive a discipline referral and will be ineligible for any library awards or reward activities for the entire school year.

Points are earned each nine weeks and are adjusted according our AR policy.  Points required will always be posted on this website as well as the website.

Students are expected to earn the following number of AR points  for each nine weeks based on their ELA class or if students are taking intensive reading classes:

Regular ELA Classes or Intensive Reading—– 10 points per nine weeks
Advanced ELA Classes—- 20 points per nine weeks

These points count as part of each student’s Language Arts grade, as much as 20% in 8th grade advanced ELA classes.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Mrs. Debra Gastelum, Media Specialist, can be contacted by phone at 386-329-0588 ext 232. or FAX 386-329-0636
Mail: Jenkins Middle School Library Media Center–1100 North 19th Street–Palatka, FL 32177

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