LMC Mission Statement

The mission of the JMS Library Media Center is to teach students to be effective users of information and technology and to provide the tools and skills necessary to enable students to improve their reading ability, increase their technology proficiency and refine their research techniques.  This mission is accomplished by:

  • providing instruction in information literacy.
  • providing instruction in technology skills.
  • providing intellectual and physical access to informational materials in a variety of formats that are age appropriate.
  • stimulating interest in reading and in finding and using information and ideas.
  • promoting the use of the media center by students and faculty.
  • working collaboratively with staff members to develop student information literacy skills including: the ability to locate, access, and retrieve information and to effectively evaluate, utilize the information and to augment and enrich classroom lessons.
  • working collaboratively with staff members to develop student and faculty technology skills including word processing, email use, spreadsheet programs, media presentation, as well as other useful applications.
  • supporting the school’s curriculum and reading initiatives
  • promoting a love of reading

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