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Explore the following links to read about the Greek Gods and Heroes.

Myth Web

Mythological Characters from A to Z

The Immortal Gods of Greece!


http://www.pantheon.org/mythica/areas/greek_heroic/ -This website has a complete set of all Hero’s and Greek Mythology Characters in alphabetical order. Ithas the full story of all of them and much more information like what their name means and how topronounce it, and other little bits of other information about them.

http://www.greekmythology.com/ – This website has a lot of information about Greek Mythology history. It also has a lot of pictures of the Characters, and a family tree of the start of Greek Mythology. This site is a very large site containing 9 branches of important things that happened in Greek history. You can learn about any god or goddess, creatures, myths, the titans, and much more. You can research many places on where historic events occured.

http://www-adm.pdx.edu/user/sinq/greekciu2/religion/gods/zeus.html – This site is all about Zeus. Zeus was the head honcho back then. He was the god of gods; he ruled everything. This site totally covers the highest of high.

Greek Gods & Goddesses in words and pictures
Greek Myth.com-the Gods of Olympus and more.
Stars & Constellations
MythWeb-Gods, Monsters and Heros, OH MY!
MythMan.com-a modern retelling.
Greek Mythology Link Page
-Yahooligans Myth Page
Pantheon.org-Home of the Gods.
Brave Women Warriors of Greek Myth!-You go girl!!
Loggia-Exploring Mythology.
Family Tree of the Gods
Aeropagus.net-Fantastic Myth Resources!
Greek & Roman Mythology at InfoPlease

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